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Proway Industries Co., Ltd. Of S.I.P.
Multispecialty supplier
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Jiangsu, China
Main categories: Safes/Gun Safes/Cash Boxes/Key Boxes/First Aid Boxes/File Boxes/Letter Boxes, TV Wall Mount/Standing Desk/TV Lift/Remote Control TV Wall Mount
Annual export US $5,495,859Design-based customizationTesting instruments (2)Minor customization
From Proway
Home safe & Hotel safe
Gun Safe & Gun Vault
Fingerprint Safe
Safe Deposit Box
Wall & Floor Safe / Drawer safe
Fireproof Safe
Cash Box
Storage box
Key Box
Proway is the leader of Chinese safe manufactures,was established in 2003 based in Suzhou,with full experience in designing,producing,quality checking and delivering ,help our customers to get what they want and make virtual thought come ture. As a supplier of Walmart, Carrefour and Metro, we specialize in home safes & hotel safes,including fingerprint safes, fireproof safes, LCD safes and gun safes, as well as office applications, such as cash boxes, key boxes and mail boxes.Our products are all tested and certified to EU/US standards.we designed the safes to be the world class using the latest material and technology,they are engineered,built and finished to be the highest standards. Wlcome to contact and send the detail requirements to us,also you can visit our factory directly,let’s create a better business relationship in future.