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Proway Industries Co., Ltd. Of S.I.P.
복합 전문 공급업체
주요 제품:금고/총 금고/현금 상자/열쇠 상자/응급 처치 상자/파일 상자/편지 상자, TV 벽 마운트/서있는 책상/TV 리프트/원격 제어 TV 벽 마운트
Annual export US $5,495,859Quality management certifiedDesign-based customizationTesting instruments (2)

As a supplier of Walmart, Carrefour and Metro, Proway Industries Co. Ltd of S.I.P. specializes in sheet metal processing and hardware trading.


Our main products are various home safes & hotel safes, including fingerprint safes, fireproof safes, LCD safes and gun safes, as well as office applications, such as cash boxes, key boxes and mail boxes.


We are also professional supplier of various TV brackets, including LCD TV brackets, CRT TV brackets and plasma TV brackets.


We have our own manufacturing factories for sheet metal processing and assembling packing.